when I was a little girl sitting on the floor in front of the living room fireplace, my father would ask me to look into the flames. “What do you see?” he would ask. “Look down into the coals, look deep, what do you see?”

lying on our backs on a summer hill we would watch clouds melt and morph as they traveled on invisible winds. “What do you see?” the baritone voice tempered to a whisper, asked.

he fanned flames of my imagination, spoke of the power of invisible causes able to be experienced by their effects. here began my most significant project.

i began to weave a life from my lived experience with dreams, stories, poetry recited by this pipe-smoking Irish father. later, after many detours, errors, & obstacles, i found philosophy, art, music, yoga & Buddhism – multi colored threads to fold into the life story.

today, i use what I have gleaned so I may act as a guide to clients inner wisdom as they journey to individuation and to living peaceful & creative lives.


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